Oculus Quest Questions

Commonly asked questions about the upcoming Oculus Quest VR Headset.

What is Oculus Quest?
Quest is an upcoming 6DoF all-in-one VR gaming console. It has positional tracking for both the headset and controllers (like Rift), yet does not require a gaming PC.

It is highly anticipated because it is said to be at a “sweet spot” between capability and accessibility- bringing the room scale VR experience to regular people who don’t own a gaming PC.

Is Quest the successor to Rift?
No. Quest is for people who don’t own a gaming PC. While it runs many Rift games, it does not run all, and the ones it does run have lower quality graphics than on PC.

If you happen to own a gaming PC, you should get a Rift unless you don’t have space in your PC room or move/travel a lot.

How much will it cost?
Quest will cost $399 for the 64GB storage option. This includes the Touch controllers.

How powerful is it?
Quest has the same kind of chip inside it as a high end smartphone (but with better cooling). Quest will run the same kind of games as Rift, but with lower realism graphics.

What games will it run??
Quest’s full launch lineup has not been announced yet, but it will have over 50 full games, including Robo RecallDead and BuriedSuperhot VRBeat SaberRec RoomMoss, and more.

Can Quest connect to my PC?
No, it cannot other than for charging and file transfer. If you own a gaming PC, you should get a Rift.

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