New Beat Saber Music Pack DLC

Beat Games, the indie studio behind block-slashing rhythm game Beat Saber (2018), announced that the long-awaited first music pack is headed to both PC and PSVR platforms on March 14th.

The company announced the news via Twitter. While the music pack will indeed be paid DLC, the studio says they already have a few free songs too that are nearly ready. Beat Games is staying tight-lipped on the specifics for now, so we can’t say how many tracks or at what price.

Oculus Rift and HTC Vive users can at least look forward to five tracks which were previously exclusive to PSVR (from OST Vol. 2), which are said to arrive free in a March 14th update.

Alongside the DLC launch will come an updated UI “so you can easily browse OSTs and upcoming Music Packs,” Beat Games says.

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Rift and Vive players have had a fairly easy time keeping up demand for new tracks thanks to the PC version’s support for third-party software, letting users download and create their own custom tracks ad infinitum.While the music pack may not do gangbusters on PC, the PSVR community of players are undoubtedly looking forward to the end of a nearly three-month long dry spell of playing mostly the same stock tracks, albeit with a few free tracks and the addition of Expert+ difficulty.

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