How to fix Samsung Gear VR problems

Samsung Gear VR Technical Support

Phone overheating

Overheating can be a problem on older phones, particularly the S6. Regardless of the phone you use, if you make it work hard, it will heat up.

  • Make sure your battery is properly charged.
  • Close all other apps using the task manager.
  • Turn on airplane mode to turn off the network antenna. You can still re-enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi without activating the network antenna.
  • If overheating persists, let the phone cool for 20-30 minutes to prevent damage.

Motion sickness, vertigo, and headaches

How did you last 3 hours?! I get nausea and headaches after 15 mins

Most people build up resistance after a while. The trick is to not push it. If you feel nauseous, stop immediately. Spending a lot of time in VR feeling sick can condition you to feel sick faster and sooner. Whereas if you take it slow and stop the moment it’s uncomfortable, most people will get used to it. Personally it took me about two weeks.


Eye strain can contribute to this. Gentle eye exercises can help. Once a day, look with both eyes as far to the left as you can then as far to the right as you can…and repeat for about 30 seconds. Then places your palms over your eyes and relax for a bit. Do that once a day for a week and see if it helps. Uneven vision between eyes can also cause difficulty. Gearvr shows each eye something slightly different to create a 3d effect. Your brain combines the two images. If vision in one eye is better than in the other, this can have bad results. To test for this, put on the headset and adjust the focus until it looks clear. Then close one eye. Is it less focused? If so, adjust so that it’s in focus. Now switch which eye is closed. Is it out of focus? If each eye requires a different focus setting, it may be time to see an optometrist.


Dirty or foggy lenses

When you use your Gear VR, it will get dirty. This cannot be avoided. Proper cleaning, however, can make your Gear VR last longer, and improve your experience while in VR.

  • Avoid unnecessary cleaning of the lens. While glass is fairly durable, the special coatings applied to the lens are not. This means that the surface is vulnerable to more than just scratches, but lenses can become cloudy or foggy more easily if these special coatings are destroyed. Careful cleaning, only when necessary, will keep your lenses at crystal clarity for longer.
  • Dust is everywhere, and it will get on your lenses. Again, this cannot be avoided. A few flecks of dust won’t have any effect on image quality. If you’re concerned about it, consider cleaning with compressed air or a rubber bulb blower. This way, you won’t risk scratching the lenses by rubbing dirt or dust into the optic.
  • Smudges and fingerprints have the biggest impact on image quality. To clean them, first remove as much dust as possible with compressed air or a bulb blower. Then, apply lens cleaning solution to a cleaning cloth (or use a pre-moistened lens wipe). Finally, carefully wipe the lens with circular motions working from the center outwards.

Poor audio quality

Bluetooth headphones tend to have issues with audio sync in Gear VR. Try using wired headphones. If that doesn’t work, consider contacting the developer- the content may not be fully compatible with your version of Android.

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